Friday, January 29, 2010

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

So today the boys are having breakfast and the little boy that I'm watching for the last couple of days say's "Austin just said a bad word." I said "Austin, what happens when we use potty language?" Austin, after thinking for a minute say's in his deep little pensive voice...."...Ummm...
get ate up by the wolf?

I think I've told the story of the boy that cried wolf a few times to many.

What do you think? :

Evan says..."Mom, I'm NOT going to tell you this secret...ok...I'll tell you...I'm going to kiss Anastasia again on my birthday..." He already told me they kissed in the back of the bus last week.
WHAT??????? He's 5 People! Holy Smokes!
What do I do? Do I tell his Mother. If it was my daughter I would want to know. Do I tell the school? Do I ignore it? But I did ask:
"How was it?" Evan said, "It was AWESOME!"
I am in SOOOO much trouble with these little dudes!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Jonah Day!

Awesome Missionaries! So kind to my kids!

Cute Kids! See! They love each other!

So some Sunday's do you just wonder why you got out of bed, made breakfast, ironed three dress shirts, put on your make up, flat ironed your hair, looked under beds and couches for 4 sets of church shoes that you thought you found the night before, and then wrestled 4 children into the car with the attempt to make it to the church before the sacrament...because you reeeeally need to take it this week? :)

Dustin had a talk today, so after wrestling 4 kids through the meeting alone and feeling like I'm doing pretty dang good for getting through the morning without raising my voice at one single kid, Evan decides that he wants to be the first kid to class so asks if it's the prayer yet. When I say "no, just one more minute bud," he starts getting very impatient to get to his class. I close my eyes for the closing prayer and encourage him to do the same but instead he tries to sneak by me. I whisper "sit down and be reverent" I close my eyes again and the next thing I know he's running by me at lightning speed out of the chapel. I'm a little bit frosted, but I keep my cool and sit through the prayer. I get to his classroom and decide that he needs a time out for not listening. I take him in the chapel where I think it will be private and quiet to talk to him about why it's important to listen to the prayer...and to me. While I'm doing so a women who I'm sure meant nothing by it and has forgotten how hard it is to wrestle misbehaving boys say's "You should go on the Dr. Phill show! He has lot's of good parenting ideas" And..."where do you get your parenting advice from anyway?"

So I'm feeling pretty crappy about now and finish out my Sunday, only to have Austin make a fuss during someone's Testimony where they stop... and wait... paitently... while I take my noisy kid from the room and back to the nursery, where he then slams his finger in a door and cries for the next 1/2 hour. Yeah! It was a fun Sunday!

Reason's why I do this?

Because hopefully I made someone else feel good today even though I felt like a piece of poo!

Because I want my kids to know how important it is to show the Lord they love him.

Because even though one person may have been having an open mouth insert foot moment(which I've had as well from time to time), I learned lessons about and was reminded of Heavenly Father's love for me inspite of my many weaknesses. I would have missed that had I done the easy thing and stayed or gone home.

I'm sure there are more reasons I just can't think of them right now.:) Next Sunday will be better! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wrapping up 2009

Things that make me not mind the cold of winter!

Visits with Family

Christmas Spirit!

Ski Trips with Daddy!
Not me, just him and the kids! ;)

Smart Little boys at the discovery center in Baltimore over Thanksgiving!
Visits to Utah and Idaho to see family and friends!

Awesome Vacations!

Me...Making Christmas Dinner! ;)

I'm so proud!

Look at my cute little Pies! I'm even wearing an apron. Aren't I domestic? HA!

BOY! With every kid I've had, the holidays just get busier and crazier! Yeah, yeah! It's been a while. So right now I'm sitting in front of the pellet stove, the strongest source of heat in my house. I really don't like winter. I wish I could just hibernate; go to sleep all winter, or at least curl up in some warm jammies and a blanket and just read every good book on my list. Dustin likes to keep the house cold. When I ask (whine) if I can turn up the propane he reminds me, "sure, if you wanna pay that gigantic propane bill!" Or he threaten's to buy me feet pajamas...I don't think sooo! Thus, here I sit on my computer in front of the stove reminding myself that the less heat I use the more fun things I can do for my kiddos. So I sit and get warm, change a diaper, sit and get warm, do the dishes, facebook, get warm, change the laundry, oh the never ends... Yet it's so worth it...these cute little angel faced kids... when they're sleeping hehe with their warm hugs and laughter make you want to get up and change that millionth load of laundry...well maybe not that. :) But they are so precious! Austin's latest was "I'm going to fork you" he stabbed the air in my direction with a fork...little boys...but so fun!

Christmas was Great! We spent it at home and my Mom, Duane, Grandma Marie, and Aunt Dale, Duane's Mom and Sister who came up to visit. I cooked Christmas dinner at my house... and I pretty much rocked at it. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I had my Mom there who is the best cook EVER and also cleaned up behind me cause when I cook, I leave a trail and the kitchen seriously... it's a bomb... But it is still cool that I get the credit this year. I never bake, yet I made a raspberry pie and a lemon meriangue pie(sp?) I think I might like baking now. Maybe I'll try it again sometime...Maybe! :)

For New Years Eve, we stayed in a Residence Inn and let the kids have a swim party. They loved it. Me, swimming, winter?...not so much...but I put on a suit and my winter white "Idaho" legs and got in the hot tub.

New Years we spent in Annapolis, which is always a joy to spend time with my Mom and Duane. I love crossing the Bay Bridge and seeing the lights at Sandy Point. The day after we spent with Dustin's family. Our Sis. in-law Diane, and Dustin's Brother Jeff live close by in Severn, MD and are always so gracious to host the Townsend crew's late Chistmas feast and gift exchange, allowing our 8 kids to tear it up... literally, and then send us off into the cold winter's glad we can send all those kids packin'. lol

THIS is what we spend my heat money on!(And Grandma's) hehehe! Thanks Mom.


And this: SO I'm a bit chilly, but it's sooo worth it! I have happy kids!