Saturday, September 10, 2011

For The Logistically Challenged!!!

How do you get babysitting for 10 children, 3 husbands to Morristown by 4pm and then 3 wives down to Morristown by 7pm, spending the least amount of gas and putting the least amount of miles on the cars? Sounds like an algebraic equation to me. Do you want to try and attempt to help me figure this out, because this is about when my brain goes to sleep and I start hearing "This". Then 1 husband (are we wondering whose?) throws in, "Oh I have to take my Kayak so I'm taking your car and you take mine... Hmmm... Oh never mind now you're taking your own car, I don't have enough time to put the Kayak on the top of your car." So... I don't understand anything I'm doing right now. Lets just hope that we all make it down to Morristown safely for Stake Conference to hear our current Stake President, Timothy Pettit (whom we will miss dearly) speak for the last time before he is released tomorrow. Oh yeah, and please pray that all our children are taken care of and that none of them fall in the Lake while we are gone. I'm going to go and try to make myself look hot now. We don't get date nights like this often enough.

These are the things that we deal with out in New Jersey, So for all you families who live a block away from a Church building, NO WHINING ALLOWED!!!! pththpthpth!