Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun at the Lodge! The Great WOLF Lodge!

Austin enjoying the fountains!

The Lodge from the top of a Tower!

Giant Bucket that dumps a ton of water every 10 minutes!

Girls getting Dumped On!

Daddy underwater!

Evan and Austin in the Wave pool!

Taking a breather from running through the hotel finding treasures!

A puckered Ashley enjoying her sweets of course.

Mommy and Austin! My favorite spot in the Hot Tub!

Interactive MagiQuest you can play through the halls of the Hotel. Very Cool.

Evan yelling from one of the climbing towers.

Ashley's so brave! She did it! All the slides!

Amanda and Evan racing down the body slides!

This is for you Uncle Mitch! For the Tressler family foot fetish!

All the family sitting on a floating otter in the middle of the swimming pool. Yes, we forced a screaming, terrified Austin on to the otter...I'm sure he will need therapy someday. The things we do to our children for a good photo opp.

Amanda coming out one of the huge Water slides. She has no fear. Ashley and Evan were brave this year as well. Mommy even likes the water slides...when Austin allows her to.

Evan and some random people under water!

Dustin won Rep of the year for his district last year and his prize was a 2 night stay in a hotel of his choice and 2 meals on the company dime. NICE! So we picked a place we could have a blast with the kids. We took them to the LODGE...The Great WOLF Lodge. It's this Huge Hotel in the Pocono Mountains with an indoor Water Park. Huge water slides, a wave pool and and climbing...whatsawhosits?...We have been there twice before and could only stay one night but this time got to take our time and just enjoy it. The last time we were there we spent so much time in the water park that we all came out hacking and coughing from being water logged. This time we just took it easy. They also have an interactive MagiQuest where you buy a wand and find treasures to save a fairy and kill a dragon. It's cool and we never let the kids do it before but this time we splurged. It was really nice. Thank you ACURA! We feel very lucky that Dustin works for such a good company.