Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Appearances can be decieving! Don't we look like a nice family?

except check out Evan...HA!

My computer is on the fritz and I'm getting really impatient to get it back. It has all my pictures and enough room to put more, so right now I'm stuck with the ipad and the occasional use of Amanda's netbook. So sorry Mom about the no pictures thing. But here is an updated funny family anecdote!

About a month ago, the South Park Christmas Special was on Netflix. I suppose my husband was unable to help himself, so with his "secret" nightly bowl of ice cream in one hand and the remote in the other, he stealthily turned it on thinking no one else would know. HA! I know and see all. We don't let the kids watch shows like that - not because we are above that kind of humor, but because my 2 boys are like sponges and are fascinated with any bad word or bit of crude humor. So as he's watching, he hears hysterical laughing coming from the back of the room. Crap! They heard (listen at your own risk - crude lyrics disclaimer)

"Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo!", and now it has become a family favorite, at least with the boys. Dustin swears that he turned it off after he saw they were watching, but I wonder since every time Austin uses the bathroom, he yells, "Mom, I made a Mr. Hankey!!" Or Evan sings, "Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo!" at the dinner table...SIGH!

So as we are sitting in circle time at the little Montessori school yesterday, the teacher is asking all the kids if there is something they would like to share. Austin raises his hand and says, "Miss Janet, do you know Mr. Hankey?" All would have been cool except I was there and of course I reacted in a panic and said, "Austin, NO!!!"

Luckily these are parents whome I'm sure would never bring such language into their homes. Most of them won't even let their kids eat off of plastic spoons, So watching South Park is I'm sure out of the question. They probably have no clue who Mr. Hankey is!...Anyway, that's how I will delude myself into thinking no one noticed!