Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Break 2010

The Gulf of Mexico BEFORE we carelessly decided to pour oil unceasingly into the Ocean! SO SAD! It was beautiful. Glad I got to see it before it was destroyed.

See what I mean.

Well it's been a week since we returned from Fort Walton Beach in Florida. We had a great time! We took Mom and Dad Townsend. (Dustin's parents) We all learned what the meaning of togetherness was as we all crammed in the Pilot. 8 of us in an 8 passenger car with a trailer on the back. Dustin said "pack light. Don't bring to much stuff. We need room for the scooters, bikes, boogy boards Dustin drove the whole way. I don't know how he does it but he does. He's my hero because I don't think I could drive that far with a trailer hooked to the back. We went to the beach, and played in the sand. My kids got a bit burned since they didn't have their summer base tan. A first for my kids. They never burn! So greatfull for that, but I guess we all learned to be greatful for sunblock, and learned the art of reapplication. We rented a pontoon boat one day and rode out to a little sand bar in Destin, FL. It was beautiful. We saw dolphins up close. They are such beautiful creatures.

Dustin bought the kids some blow pops for the ride home, and we all crammed back in the car. Austin waited as long as he could, about 5 min. and then started asking for them. Dustin said if you're really good for a long time then you can have them. Austin waited a few min. and then asked again. Dustin said that doesn't count. Austin said, 1,2,3,4,5,6, 17,40,10, 14,5,6,7,20...does that count Dad? We had to give in and give him the pop. That kid makes me smile.