Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet the Suttons!

I want you to meet one of the COOLEST people that I have met while here in New Jersey: One of the things that I would have missed out on if I didn't live here. That would have been very sad!

Meet the Sutton family: Heather, Jayson, Mackenzy, Mady, and Max
This is a link to the story and the beginning of her battle with cancer. What a dear sweet woman, friend, wonderful mother and an adored wife. Watch the News Clip here

As we were sitting in that little basement of that Catholic Church while the addition to our Sparta Ward building was being built, this beautiful family came walking in. I knew immediately they would be people we would want to get to know. I was so excited! Our kids were similar ages. Being here didn't seem so daunting for a moment. Sometimes you don't even have to meet someone to feel their strength. Thats how I felt about the Suttons before I even introduced our family to them. Dustin and Jason became fast friends. We were so lucky to have them here for a short time. Please watch and help if you can. There will be a Bone Marrow Registration drive this Sat. Feb. 5!
9AM - 12PM
Please tell your friends and come if you are in the area and can help!
Location: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
1443 Telegraph Road
West Chester, PA
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New Jersey!

Reasons I don't like NJ:

1. It gets very cold, and when winter sets in, it seems it will never end

2. I miss the west and my friends and family there.

3. Sometimes people can be very loud and intimidating. (That's not hard, I am easily It can be contagious, and I don't like it when I get that way.

4. The Church is small here. Sometimes you feel that a huge weight is on your shoulders to keep the work in this tiny corner moving forward. And I feel so small. People are stubborn.

5. Bears get into the trash, and you have to wrap your trash up like a present for the trashman to take it.

6. All the amazing people that move here always move away.

Reasons I like NJ:

1. I DON'T HAVE TO PUMP MY OWN GAS. So in the winter that is just AWESOME!

2. The seasons are beautiful here and I love to see the changes and the variety in them.

3. We are close to NYC. It's fun to go there and just people watch and see different cultures.

4.We have made some amazing friends here. Ones that you know you will never forget. Treasured Friendships and people who become a huge influence on you.

5. At least in this area of NJ (Sussex County) there is some amazing wildlife. The bears are beautiful, and we have deer in our yard on a regular basis.

6. The schools are awesome! And we have an amazing dance school that gives the girls an outlet to put their energy. It's a wholesome environment that helps them develop their talents.

Looks like we will be here for a while longer! So I will continue to enjoy it! :)

Some things that give me Joy!


Things that do NOT! Well I guess having a husband who does this so I don't have to does! Haha!