Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stay in Designating Hiking Areas!

Sweet little Delaney! Right behind her is the cliff with a Yellow jacket Nest! YIKES!!!
Bee-fore the boys were terrorized they had a great time climbing the rocks.

The girls had a great time just wading in the pool!
No exploring for them! Girls are so much easier!

I'm not usually supersticious, but maybe Friday the 13th really is bad luck.

Yesterday I took my kids, + 3 of my nieces, my friend Nikki and her 3 kids...(what? that's like 10 kids? I'm nuts! :) up to Childs Park. It's a beautiful scenic area with waterfalls and hiking trails. There are signs that say "Stay in designated Hiking areas" .... Now I know why. :) We were just enjoying the day watching the kids wade in the pool below the falls when the older boys decided to do some exploring. Austin started following them up a cliff, and that made me nervous so I went after him. He made it up the cliff before I got to him so Nikki tells her son Kyler (8) to help Austin down. They started to come down a different way and the thought came to me "Have them go down the way they came!" ALWAYS LISTEN TO THAT LITTLE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD!!! AND LISTEN QUICK!!! But as I surveyed the area it seemed safer than the other way they got up which was abstructed by a large downed tree and very steep. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to go up after them that way. As I started to reach for Austin, the two boys stepped RIGHT in the middle of a yellow jacket nest. I was face level to the nest and they immediately started attacking my head and went after the boys. Austin got about 10 stings, Kyler ran the other direction and got about 18 stings. Ryland seems to have not been stung, and Evan got about 5 on his back. I don't know for sure how many bees got me but my head sure is a little sore today. All I kept thinking is that the boys were going to go over the other side of the cliff. Nikki, the other Mom saw Kyler in sheer terror on the other side. I couldn't see where he went. I don't know how she did it, but she leaped up that cliff so fast grabbed Kyler and got him down. We had to reach over the nest to get to the boys. Hearing your kids screaming when you can't get to them is the worst sound in the world. I never want to hear it again.

I was reminded by the kids Pediatrician though when I called her after we got the kids back to the car (thanks Dr. McCugh) that we can't always see the dangers or know what's around the bend. That made me feel better, but also reminded me that it's Just like keeping the commandments. It may look safe enough. But we've been asked to "stay in the designated hiking areas" following his council and staying in line with the gospel. I've had youth ask me what's wrong with getting more than one piercing? Or a tattoo? What's wrong with watching that rated R movie or playing those video games? What's wrong with a little alcohol? What's the big deal? You know what...I don't know! But Heavenly Father does!!! His perspective is bigger than mine. He can see what I can't see, so by golly I'm going to do what he asks! Nikki was so brave to jump up there, right into the middle of the nest to get Kyler.
She got at least half a dozen stings doing it.
Sometimes we see our friends doing things they shouldn't. Some of us stay where it's safe. Others go in and rescue even though they know it's going to be painfull. I'm so gratefull to those who are courageous to go in and do the rescuing and show the way out.
YAY NIKKI!! You Rock Sister!!!