Monday, March 16, 2009

The Indianna Jones of Fish!

This is Mack! Evan got him for his birthday about a month ago and he has had many adventures since joining our family. The other day, Evan kept asking me to clean the fish bowl. I was a little suspicious so checked on Mack before I went to bed. I didn't see anything wrong so I told Evan I would clean the bowl in the morning. I put the kids to bed and headed downstairs for some veg. time. After about ten minutes I heard some movement upstairs so went to check it out. As I turned the corner to Evan's room I saw Evan duck between the dresser and the toy box. He was right next to Mack so I asked him what he was doing. He said with a guilty look, " looking at my fish." It was then that I noticed the water was half gone, cloudy, and all over the dresser. Clearly different from when I checked it earlier. I asked Evan why and he said that he was trying to get the fish into his cave. After closer inspection with the light on I noticed Mack floating slightly on his side and trying to keep from floating belly up. I decided to clean the bowl now and make sure he was all right. While doing this I now noticed pencil marks all over in the cave. I asked Evan if he touched his fish. He said yes. I asked with what and he told me that he tried to use the pencil to get him into the cave and then when I pressed he first held the fish once. Then when I asked again he said twice. I asked him again and he held up three fingers and put his head on the pillow. At that point I figured it really didn't matter because it would be a miracle if Mack survived the night, so I put Evan to bed with the explanation that fish are not pets that like to be held and if he wants to go in the cave he will do it by himself.

If I were Mack I would wish I were back at the pet store in my little cup.