Thursday, May 20, 2010


You should have seen Evan yesterday! He did awesome as pitcher. He hustled, then he chucked that ball like I've never seen him throw before. When things got boring he jumped and leaped around the mound like a little frog. His coach said "Evan, this isn't Dancing with the Stars" Evan said, "I hate that show!" and then got down on his haunches and focused on the game. SO STINKIN' CUTE!

Happiness isn't happiness without a boy and a stick!

I don't know why I'm on the computer. I think I'm trying to escape the idea of making Spaghetti sauce for 120 people. How did I get roped into this one? Oh yeah...cause I'm a succer! HA! I think I have it written across my forhead. Just kidding. I'm sure once I'm done I'll be glad I did it. This weekend is a busy one. The girls have a competition. It's the Spaghetti dinner fundraiser for camp. Brother Wyssling, who I slugged in the arm for giving me a guilt trip, was trying to get Dustin and I to go to the Temple Friday night ( which I know I should do of course but worry I won't be able to get everything done if I add one more thing ) But I should probably make time for it. Then maybe the Lord will help me in my ability to wrap my mind around all the things I need to do and places I need to be. Maybe he will magically clone me. ;)
Some people have the ability to organize their time and accomplish everything without forgetting the details in the middle. Me...not so much...! In fact the more I have to do, the more scatterbrained I get, and the more I procrastinate things. It's quite sad. lol. But at least I can laugh at myself. Besides...I have some good excuses for distraction...

I can't forget how blessed I am. I have these awesome cute little kids that are so fun to play with and snuggle with. They make me smile. It's very distracting...

Then my handsome husband with those blue eyes that melt my heart. That's how I know I'm a succer. :o But he's so kind to me. This week he just blew through most of his airline points so I can go see my sisters and brother out in UT and ID in July. Yay! I need a UT fix and he just says, no problem...let's make it happen. I know! I'm totally spoiled!

So I'm posting a few pictures and getting off the computer and making Spaghetti Sauce ALL DAY! Woohoo! NOT!
And this is just random, but what is the deal with silly bands? I put some in some goody bags yesterday, and I thought the girls were going to jump out of their seats. Holy Smokes! And all morning Austin has been whining "Mom, you didn't get me a Silly Band!" They are a hit!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Testimony of the Book of Mormon

There were three really great videos that I found this month that just spoke to me. I'm so greatful for a living Prophet that gives us direction and guidance. I love Elder Holland. He speaks in the background of these 3 videos. Each of them bear a stong witness of the Savior, and what he has done for us.

My New Life

Another touching video that brings peace!

Broken, Christ Heals (Kenneth Cope)

I just love the voice of Elder Holland! Just hearing it brings rest to my soul!