Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ashley Turned 8 ~ What a great Kid!

Today was a great day! Ashley had her baptism and It was just such a special day. Ashley has always been my child that is just so full of Faith. She has no doubt in her mind that she is a daughter of God and is loved and cherished by him...sometimes you don't have to teach them, they come out teaching you. Watching her today and the joy that just eminated from her was one of those moments you hope you will never forget. I know I wont forget the picture of her in her little white dress, but I don't know if I will always remember how I felt. It's such a cool thing to watch the little spirits Heavenly Father entrusts you with grow and develop into who they are. She has always had such great faith and wants to please her Heavenly Father. I know she's going to do it too. I hope her confidence in that part of herself never dims. She's a little light to all around her. I am a proud Momma, and feel awed and humbled that he saw fit to trust me with her.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Day of school!

Not many more nights like this left in the Summer! Sad to see it go!
I think I'll just ride my bike to school!
Maybe if I use my tool to dismantal the bus they wont all leave me behind.

Oh! I'm just so excited! What's up with this pose?

Evan's EXCITED face! FINALLY I get to ride the bus!
Amanda 5th Grade! Bring it on!

Two Big girls - Ready for a new year!

Ashley! Ready to charm them all!

Do I have to hug my Mom goodbye?

September has come and gone and I completely missed posting all about it. School's back in session, dance lessons have well as the running; and the cold of winter is beginning to set in. But even though I'm on the brink of hibernation season, I can't help but enjoy the excitement of buying the school supplies, new clothes, packing backpacks, smelling the new crayons, and beginnning a new year off fresh. I love the vibrant color of the leaves and the spooky fun of Halloween...I don't like the cold but the other stuff makes it tolerable.

This is just an example of what we have to look forward to. Yay! Fun! Booo...cold...