Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm a slacker so here are some pictures!

Big Black Bear

The Smith Family came for a visit over Memorial Day! Just Love that family!

Ashley and Amanda had their piano recital!

Amanda started taking pointe classes. Here is her shoe before it got all mucked up from Dancing.

One of the Only pictures not at the bottom of the Bay!

Austin! He's just so cute when he sleeps. What an angel...till he wakes up and turns into a terrorist!

So Dustin went on his annual fishing trip with his brothers this year. They always go in April during Rock Fish Season. One of those things I don't complain about too much because usually they bring back a big old Rock Fish, cut it all up, and share it. Sooo divine! Yummy! Artichokes, lemon butter and Rock Fish! Food of the Gods!

This year however, right after our Myrtle Beach Spring Break vacation, Dustin took the camera with him fishing. In his excitement to catch a great picture of, I'm assuming a fish? - I haven't seen it, since the picture now sits at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay. Yep, you heard me correctly. My camera slipped, plip plop, right into the bay as Dustin grabbed the side of the boat when he almost fell overboard. All (or most of) our vacation pictures are now at the bottom of the bay. The ones I have were taken with Ashleys ipod touch, hence the low quality pictures...I'm totally bummed and am now shopping for a new camera. Any suggestions? Something with a floatation device would be nice...

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